We Live!

July 20th, 2018

Gallery: We worked hard when time allowed. It all paid off, because... WE LIVE!

After almost six gruesome months, we're finally back online and live! We're excited to start (AGAIN!) this journey to bring you only the best of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and everything weird. So, what's new? The website is pretty user friendly, but here are some of the key features you will find when exploring its contents:

  • The Comix section holds information about both our printed and web comix.
  • The Zines section will display, for free, the digital versions of every art zine published by Moco de Perro Comix, sorted for easy browsing!
  • The Affiliates section has some solid info on everyone involved with MdPC, from the founder to our resident and affiliate artists!
  • The Store is... well... our store. Find the latest brand goodies there, made with love in the scorching city of Monterrey, Mexico!

We will be releasing a lot of free content for you to enjoy in our website. For starters, you will be able to find PDF versions of the last print dummy of 2013's « We Ain't Got Time to Bleed - An Action-packed Art Zine » & 2017's « Heebie Jeebies, Vol. 1 - A Halloween-themed Art Zine ». And now that we're mentioning « WAGtTB! », we want to tell you the zine will be re-edited with a new cover and more content to meet the printers hopefully by the end of the year. If you ever catch us at a con, make sure to stop by for your free copy until supplies last!

“ The wind carries the word that not too long ago, there once lived a hero with the heart of a dragon and the virtue of a king... "

- Garbanian Tale

Remember our webcomic « The Epic Legend of Orgnob »? You can find its unfinished chapters online in the webcomix section! Who knows, maybe enough reads will bring our hero Kit back from stasis so he can finally defeat the evil Realm of the Shadows! We still have a very small stock of the legendary Magical Sword of Orgnob felt pillow replica. This item is never coming back, so make sure to snatch one before it's too late! Visit our store for more information.

We know we kept you waiting for very long, so the website is online but only partially. You may run into some links that aren't yet completed, but will show a countdown to it's publishing date. For this same reason, we urge you to follow us in our various social media platforms so you can keep yourself updated with all the news that we'll be dropping.

We're so happy to be back online and super excited to show you all the amazing stories we're working on. Forever grateful for your continuous support, we hope you like the content we publish!

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