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A comic collective born in the Mexican frontier desert. Translating the border radiography with stories which reflect both the real & imaginary of the life in JRZ. Their work not only includes independently publishing several comic titles, but also bringing sequential art into the hearts of the people of the border through workshops.

656 Cómics helps MdPC with their expertise in the media, so we can bring you high quality comic books made with love in our beautiful Mexico. There is also a joint comic project in the works, but you'll have to wait a little longer for that!


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Infestación: Escape or Die

Infestación: Escape or Die

Follow the unfortunate adventures of Tania, Rulo, and Emiliano as they face La Comunidad with only two options remaining: escape or die.


Los Meksmen

Los Meksmen

The dead are out celebrating their day, but Zombi Kid has other plans for them.


The 3rd Party

Rocco has an important lesson to learn as he tries to escape the strange new world of the SNEX.


Renacidos: Íntegro

A group of extraordinary individuals must protect the mysterious crystals that hold the fate of the earth.


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